Septic System Installation

Our team of professionals can help with the design and installation of your alternative and/or conventional septic system for your residential or commercial property. Drainfield Solutions, LLC works closely with AOSE's (Authorized Onsite Soil Evaluators), Professional Engineers and Virginia Environmental Health Department officials. Yes, we have a few that we prefer to work with that we trust and know you can count on for their expertise and efficiency. We can manage this process for you for no additional fee or we can provide the names of our preferred AOSE's and Engineers. We are happy to help you throughout the permitting process.

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Drainfield Solutions has installed thousands of alternative and conventional type sewage disposal systems. We are certified in the following systems including but not limited to the following, Advantex, American drip, ATL, Ecoflo, EcoPod EZ-Treat ,Geoflo drip, LPD, Microfast, Norweco, Puraflo, Puraflo Peat replacement, Purasys, Sand Mound, UV, and many more. We are also experienced in the installation of conventional gravity and pump systems.

All systems must be installed by a properly licensed company/individual. The license needed is dependent upon the project. A person that holds a Master Alternative license can install both alternative and conventional septic systems. Those who hold a conventional license can only install the conventional type systems. In order to operate or maintain alternative systems you are required to have a Master Alternative Operators license. Drainfield Solutions employees are individually licensed thru DPOR in installation and operation of all types of systems. We can legally install, operate and maintain all systems.

DS prides itself on recordkeeping and maintains records on all installations, repairs, inspections and service documents. If we do it, we record it!

We are a one stop shop for all your septic needs.

If you have questions, please give us a call and we would be happy to help.