What to Expect

When assessing the risks associated within the sewage disposal system industry there are numerous things to consider. Below, we have outlined several of the most important factors and what we do to manage that risk for our business and yours. Hiring a knowledgeable and respected installer is how to best manage your risk. We can handle the rest!

Homeowner Awareness

Drainfield Solutions provides a system-specific operations and maintenance manual with each new installation. This manual includes the necessary information to educate the new AOSS homeowner on their system. We complete the project with the peace of mind that we have given the homeowner the resources they need to protect and maintain their new septic system. 

Pre-Construction Involvement

Communication, communication, and more communication! With so many stringent restrictions on clearing the field area, to when and under what conditions to install the system, it is more important than ever for clear communication between all parties involved. We install a safety fence around the drainfield and post signage stating “keep off." The significance of all subs adhering to this is crucial. In a lot of cases, the field could be damaged if subs store materials, drive machinery on or otherwise disturb the soils. The implications for you could be as drastic as not being able to install the system at all! 


The land for most alternative systems has to be hand cleared and the stumps ground. We have the equipment to accommodate those needs.


In most cases, the system has to be installed under dry conditions. Without being able to control the weather, we developed an alternative solution; Once the site is prepped for the system, if installation is not immediately possible, we cover the field with plastic and have large commercial sized fans for drying out if needed. This helps our builders and homeowners stay on schedule and reduces the risk of jeopardizing closing dates.


Drainfield Solutions is a proud member of VOWRA (Virginia Onsite Wastewater Recycling Association) and NOWRA (National Onsite Wastewater Recycling Association) and attend seminars and training sessions throughout the year to stay well-informed of changes to current systems and the latest advances in our industry. We have achieved and maintained an impeccable reputation.