Like to say a BIG THANK YOU to the men and women at your company, especially to Travis, Steven and Russ who came out and helped get my septic system back on track. From what we thought was going to be a simple draining of the tanks, turned out to be a broken pump and filter. Thank you once again for the hard work and dedication!!!

— Joshua K.

I called Drainfield Solutions to have my septic tank pumped. It was a great experience from the time Danielle answered the phone till the next day when Travis came to do the job. Danielle was very courteous and kind on the phone. When Travis arrived in the morning to pump the tank he was very pleasant and kind. I had many questions for him about septic tanks and how they work. He was so kind and gave me a good education on how the tank works. He was very friendly and kind. I will recommend Drainfield Solution to all my friends and neighbors. I will definitely use this company again. Thank you Drainfield Solutions for your help today.

— Barbara S.

I use Drainfield Solutions on every transaction I can. I highly recommend them! Fantastic customer service! Great reputation!

— Sarah G.

Drainfield Solutions has done a wonderful job with my annual inspections and twice a year service. They always work around my schedule and I have been very pleased with their service.

— Victor J.

To Whom It May Concern:

I am an Authorized Onsite Soil Evaluator (AOSE) and a Certified Professional Soil Scientist (CPSS) with Alexcom & Associates, Inc. and have had numerous drainfields that I have designed installed by Drainfield Solutions. Over the past year and a half I have come to know Mr. Ware quite well and consider him to be a first rate contractor and drainfield installer. Mr. Ware goes above and beyond the minimum requirements when installing these drainfields to ensure that they are installed correctly the first time, which eliminates costly service calls in the future. I also consider Mr. Ware to be hardworking, ethical, dependable and knowledgeable; and he is always looking for ways to better himself, and his company.

Mr. Ware is one of the few drainfield installers that I know that will always call first when a problem with a design is found rather than install it as is, causing expensive repairs and delays. Mr. Ware also surrounds himself with a staff that is hard working, dependable, knowledgeable and very ethical. This is crucial because Mr. Ware cannot always be onsite at all times. By having a staff like he has, there is always someone on the job who knows what to do and how to do it. Whenever I have an inspection with Drainfield Solutions, I know I can count on the drainfield being installed correctly.

I have and will continue to place Drainfield Solutions at the top of my preferred installers list, and I recommend them to all of my clients. With Drainfield Solutions you can rely on a quality installation time and time again.


- Brian H. Phillips, AOSE, CPSS