Septic System Installation

Our team of professionals can design and install an alternative or conventional septic system for your residential or commercial property. Drainfield Solutions works closely with AOSE's (Authorized Onsite Soil Evaluators) and can help you throughout the permit process. To date, Drainfield Solutions has installed over 500 alternative sewage disposal systems. We are certified installers for a wide-range of systems including sand mound, graveless, and low pressure. We are also experienced in the installation of conventional gravity and pump systems.

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Site Clearing & Stump Grinding

We can handle all site clearing. The land for most alternative systems has to be hand cleared and the stumps ground. We use a low-impact stump grinder to accommodate those needs.

French Drains

Do you have soggy, muddy soils or standing water on your property? If so, you may need to install a French Drain to protect your foundation and landscaping. The purpose of a French Drain is to carry unwanted free standing water away from your home. French Drains are commonly installed near the perimeter of your home, at the lowest point, or anywhere where standing water is found, with the stem stopping at any point where the water will not drain back towards the house.

French Drains are generally shallow drainage systems. However, as with your plumbing waste drainage, French Drains operate on the principle of gravity so the drain must slope downward. The drain outlet slopes downhill away from the house until it reaches the surface of the ground where it can freely discharge by gravity flow.

There are many variables that affect how individual houses develop water problems. Installing a French Drain is an affordable solution to a problem which could lead to more costly home repairs.