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You may be asking, "why do I need to have my sewage disposal system serviced?"


The answer is that you need to have your septic system serviced for the same reason you have your car serviced.  Regular maintenance keeps your sewage disposal system running properly and efficiently.  If you have an alternative system, maintenance is especially important because, like a car or truck, it is a complex machine.  Thus, you can think of having your drainfield serviced like getting an oil change and tune up for your car.  Some of the operations are even the same. We'll clean your filters, ensure your pump is working properly and check your fluid levels, among other points of inspection.  Also, like a car, failure to keep up with regular maintenance can mean expensive repairs later. 
Furthermore, effective July, 2009, the Virginia Department of Health is requiring that all homeowners with alternative sewage disposal systems contract with a certified service provider.  Although it seems like one more thing to worry about, the Health Department's goal is to keep our water clean and environment green.
So don't be worried and don't wait until a problem occurs. Let our service professionals take care of your drainfield.  We will be your first line of defense against any potential problems and our service clients receive 24-hour emergency service, as well as discounts on parts and labor for major repairs.  So put your faith in us. We don't call ourself Drainfield Solutions for nothin'.