Drainfield Solutions


Owners Guide: Operations & Maintenance Manuals


Drainfield Solutions issues system specific operations and maintenance manuals to every homeowner.

Unfortunately, on most repair jobs we have found that the homeowner was completely unaware of their responsibilities and didn’t know how the system operates, nor do they realize how costly those repairs can be and how they could have been easily avoided.

It is our hope by giving the homeowner as much information as possible on these systems that they will be aware of the maintenance and use every precaution to protect their homes and our environment. 

Please note that every system has its own manual detailing operations and maintenance and the following is merely standard information.

Conventional & Pump System Manuals include the following:

  • One (1) Copy Health Department issued permit – Any changes in the field are noted on the permit
  • Principles of Good Septic/Drainfield Management – This sheet details standard principles of operating and maintaining all systems
  • A Homeowner’s Guide to Septic Systems – This literature, issued by the EPA, is informative and easy to read. It gives the homeowner a real under standing of basic principles of a sewage disposal systems and their responsibility in maintaining their system
  • Installer Warranty & Contact Information – This allows the homeowner direct contact with Drainfield Solutions if they ever have any questions or problems with their system. This will hopefully alleviate the Builder of handling drainfield related calls
  • Pump Related Information/Warranty
  • Control Panel Related Information/Warranty
  • Landscaping Ideas
  • The Health Issue
  • Contact Information
Alternative Sewage Disposal System Manuals include the following: